Bridal Spray Tanning…

Should I get a spray tan for my wedding?

This can be a tricky or scary decision for many brides, especially if you are not familiar with spray tans. There is a common fear of turning orange or looking fake, but in my opinion spray tanning for your wedding should never be about making you as brown as you can be…

Spray tanning for your wedding is about evening out your skin tone and giving you a gorgeous glow. Think of it as makeup for your body. If you are naturally olive or tan easily then you may not have to worry about it (summer brides should be careful of nasty tan lines), but for our fairer skinned brides, a spray tan should be high on your list of bridal beauty treatments. it will eliminate any redness, veins or blemishes.

If you are unsure then trialling your spray tan before the wedding is important. The experience of your technician is just as crucial as the formula they use so don’t be scared to ask your technician questions if you want to know more. Another sneaky idea when trialling your spray tan is to do it a couple of days before having your makeup trial. Make up can look different on different skin tones and therefore having a tan beforehand will give you an idea of your overall bridal look.

At Beautique Love we use Vani-T Liquid Sun tanning solution. The medium formula is my favourite as it has a lower percentage DHA which means it gives a golden colour without the risk of going to dark. Perfect for even the palest of brides to give you that subtle radiance. Express formulations are also available for light, medium and dark tans.

When it comes to tans for your entire bridal party, brides often don’t want to seem to demanding when requesting that their bridesmaids also get a spray tan. Again you shouldn’t think of it as “making everyone brown.” By asking the entire bridal party to have a spray tan it brings uniformity to the group and to your photos!! I’m sure your bridesmaids will be happy to oblige if asked nicely.

Tan prep is important so exfoliate and shave 12-24 hours before your spray tan. Right before your appointment shower again and don’t put on any body moisturiser or deodorant. Once your tan is washed off then ensure you moisturise, moisturise, moisturise to keep your skin hydrated and your tan fresh. I always recommend tanning 1.5 – 2 days before the wedding to allow the tan to settle into your skin (Thursday evening or Friday morning for a Saturday wedding).

I am a big fan of spray tans and love the feeling and confidence a bronzed glow gives me. So in response to the question… Should I get a spray tan for my wedding? My answer is YES!

 *all ladies in these photos have been spray by Beautique Love with Vani-T Liquid Sun solution.

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