Your Bridal Beauty Checklist…

Planning a wedding comes with a million “to do” lists and who really knows where to start?
For most of you, this is the first time you have ever planned a wedding, so getting advice from your wedding vendors is always great. We work in the industry and see hundreds of different weddings unfold so make the most of our experience and ask lots of questions. Also get your family and friends involved. They can assist you to ensure everything is ticked off the list, and with so much to organise, delegation is a great way to keep your stress levels down.

When it comes to beauty we are all different, however one thing remains the same. Every bride wants to look her most beautiful on her wedding day, and there is no reason you shouldn’t. Whether you opt for a strict beauty and fitness regime in the months leading up to your wedding or take a more laid back approach, here is a simple checklist that will ensure you look and feel like “your perfect bride”!


  • Start your fitness regimen. Your wedding is the one of the best motivations you will ever have to get fit and healthy. When a workout gets hard, just continue to think about your wedding dress and walking down that aisle.
  • Think about your diet. Don’t completely change the way you eat, as it won’t be sustainable, but try to make healthier choices.
  • Book in for a skin consultation with your beauty therapist to discuss any skin concerns you may have.
  • Book into your regular hairdresser for a colour consultation especially if you are thinking of changing your colour. This often needs to happen gradually so allow yourself plenty of time.


  • Start monthly facials with your beauty therapist to ensure your skin is happy and hydrated. Facials are also the perfect way to relax and reduce stress. Find a skincare that works and then stick with it. You don’t want to suddenly have a reaction to a new product in the month or so leading up to the wedding.


  • Book a makeup trial with your chosen makeup artist.
  • Book a hair trial with your chosen hairdresser.
  • Continue with your fitness and healthy eating regime. Always reminding yourself of your end goal.


  • This may sound silly but avoid any dangerous activities. I’m talking about boxing, rock climbing, obstacle racing, anything that has a higher risk of causing injury. Wounds and bruises take time to heal and the last thing you want to do is be walking down the aisle in a moon boot or with a big bruise on your arm. It’s not forever, so taking things easy for a month isn’t the worst idea.
  • Do not get sunburnt! Tan lines or peeling skin is never a good look on your wedding day.


  • Visit your regular hairdresser for your last colour appointment.
  • Consider booking a body scrub and massage to hydrate your skin and relieve stress so you can tackle the week ahead.
  • Book in with your beauty therapist for any waxing required so you are hair free on the big day. Allowing a week between your waxing appointment and the wedding allows your skin time to completely settle.

3 – 4 DAYS TO GO…

  • Getting eyelash extensions? Now is the time. Eyelash extensions are required to stay dry for 24 hours post application. This gives you plenty of time and allows the lashes to settle on your eyes.

1 – 2 DAYS TO GO…

  • Manicure, pedicure and spray tan time. Ensure you have booked your appointments well in advance.
  • Want a skin pick me up that won’t interfere with your current skincare routine? Try an Omnilux! Best received the day before your wedding, your skin will be plump, dewy, bright, virtually pore-less and ridiculously glowing…wedding skin!


  • Enjoy your night with your family and friends. Don’t drink too much alcohol or coffee. I recommend a Chamomile tea before bed to calm your nerves and assist in a restful nights sleep.
  • Remember your hairdressers tips – if she needs you to wash your hair the night before then wash and blow dry your hair to prevent any unwanted kinks and keep your hair smooth.
  • Pack your wedding bag/clutch with all the little items you may need for the day.


  • Wake up and consider taking a short walk. This will get your circulation going and can help to tune your mind into the day ahead.
  • Have a light but filling breakfast.
  • Hop into shower, wash and moistuirse your face and body.
  • Don’t forget to apply deodorant and spritz your perfume.
  • Put on your bridal robe and wait for your beauty team to arrive.

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